Ministry during the 5th week of July

11813498_10153603330728694_1056536257551561785_nThe monsoon period is not officially over yet in the Tohoku region, but we are already feeling peak summer heat. Even in this hot weather, we are grateful for the many workers who come to offer their help, visiting people and providing support to those who need it. Some of our locations or staff will be taking time off during the summer. Please pray for a time of good rest.

【Prayer points】

  • A team from JEMS is with us this week. We also have mid term workers with us serving at our various locations. Please remember them in your prayers.
  • Our ministry in the Miyako area is taking time off.
  • Akaishi-san, staff of Ippo Ippo Iwate is taking time off.
  • The Strausses will be taking time off from ministry in the disaster zone and will be on vacation from August.
  • Catherine Porter will be renting a house in Miyako to use as her ministry base there.
  • Ps Dawn Birkner is planning to rent a house in Iwaizumi. It will be used as her residence as well as a place of stay for volunteer workers, and will also be used as a ministry point.
  • We are busy preparing for the exhibition of Hoshino Tomihiro’s paintings. Please pray for our preparations, for our needs to be met and for volunteers to help us with this exhibition.
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