A network of churches and organizations supporting churches and communities in Iwate Prefecture stricken by the Great East Japan Disaster
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(25th year of Heisei)
Jan 21st

Maruyama Nariyuki starts as a volunteer translator for the network’s website

Miyao-san, who had been helping us translate our network website into English, was unable to continue. Maruyama-san, who lives in Singapore, will take on this role to help us get our message out to a wider audience.

Jan 31st
Core meeting

A meeting was held via Skype among the Core Members of the Network.

Feb 3rd
Newsletter Vol 18 released

This includes information about the ministries at our various locations and the changes in staff, as well as prayer points for the protection of our health during the winter and daily living.

Feb 15th
Core meeting

A meeting was held via Skype among the Core Members of the Network.

Feb 25th
Visitors from the leadership of EP Japan Mission

Through this visit, an understanding was reached with the English Presbytery of Singapore regarding their cooperation to pull up alongside us and continue to provide disaster recovery support to the victims, sending one team a month over the coming ten months from Singapore. Their involvement with recovery support work in Iwate is not new.

Mar 1st
Mahalika mission pulls out

The Mahalika mission had established a base in Daito town, Ichinoseki, but they were pulling out at the end of March, so we started by helping with the necessary work related to this by preparing to return the facility that was being used and also cleaning out all the supplies that had been kept. Beyond this, we received cooperation from Tohoku Help and using our Ichinoseki base as our main operation center for this, we were involved over the next two months with all the related work in relation to the pulling out of this mission.

Mar 7th
to 12th

Ps Liao and Ps Wu of Chinese Christian Relief Associationvisits us.

Ps Liao of the Chinese Christian Relief Association, who had supported us through food-banking came to Japan along with Ps Wu and visited the disaster zone from Sendai to Iwate.

Mar 11th

The 2nd Memorial of 3.11

The second “3.11 Memorial Service” was held at Kitakami Bible Baptist Church. We had around 100 participants. We prayed together for the disaster zone and its people, reflected on our activities to date and through a talk by Rev Takahashi Kazuyoshi (of Ippo Ippo Kamaishi-Otsuchi) from the Bible, we contemplated the disaster recovery support work going forward. We also received reports from on-site staff Inoue Ryo and Oshio Lina. Cat Porter performed on her harp.

Apr 1st

Shibamoto Rumiko joins as on-site staff

Shibamoto-san is a member of Miyako Community Church and has joined us as on-site staff to work in the Miyako area. Among other things, she will be responsible for the administration of Hocmin House, where the volunteer workers stay, and will also be involved in various activities that provide disaster recovery support.

Apr 22nd
to 23rd
Core meeting

A Core Members’ meeting was held at Zion Kinshuko, spending one night there together. We discussed the direction of our activities for the coming operating year.

May 4th
Discussion with Tohoku Help

Secretariat level discussions were held with Tohoku Help regarding the pulling out of Mahalika mission. We reached an understanding on the handling of the left-over construction supplies and the allocation of cost among the parties involved.

May 7th

Christina Jones joins as on-site staff

Christina is a missionary from TEAM. She had previously worked with our Network for a short while in 2012 as on-site staff. She is back and will for the time being be activated mainly in the Kamaishi-Otuschi area as our on-site staff.

Newsletter Vol 19 released

This includes a digest of Rev Kazuyoshi Takahashi’s sermon at the “3.11 Memorial Service”.

June 3rd
to 4th

The 3.11 Iwate Church Network Leaders’ Forum

Core members and pastors, missionaries involved in on-site disaster relief & support activities got together and exchanged views about our work from a theological perspective. We received as guest speakers Ps Tsumura of Japan Bible Seminary and the head of Tokyo Biblical Seminary, Ps Nishikori. They provided precious external input to our discussion. In particular, we were able to have in-depth discussions about the challenges that we face and the potential opportunities that exist in the area of cooperation in missions.

Jun 14th
2013-06-14 18.43.09

The Rice of Hope Project starts

Pro baseball player Matt Murton of the Hanshin Tigers visited a kasetsu in Ichinoseki and handed out rice to survivors. The “Rice of Hope Project” got going with Murton’s commitment to donate 50kg of rice for each game his team won, with the 3.11 Iwate Church Network collaborating with him in getting the rice distributed.

Jul 14th
Newletter Vol 20 released

Includes a write-up by Ps Wakai of his visit to Yamada and a report on the outcome of the Network Leaders’ Forum.

Sep 11th
Core Meeting held

A Core Meeting was held at Kitakami Bible Baptist Church. We reviewed the status of ministry being conducted across our locations and our staff. With future work in mind, we also reviewed our financial situation as well as our staff hiring policy.

Oct 1st

“Pastor” Micah

Our on-site staff Micah Ghent, who served mainly around Ohfunato, left Iwate at the end of September to take up his new role as pastor of Tsugaru Evangelical Christ Church from 1st October.

Oct 13th
Newsletter Vol 21 released

Includes Micah Ghent’s testimony, who is now a pastor in Aomori, and reports from “A short journey to cover the footsteps of Nikolai” and from the “Rice of Hope Project”.

Nov 18
JEA Mission Forum held in Koriyama

Ps Masaki Sasaki presented a paper at JEA Mission Forum held at the “Big Pallete Fukushima” in Koriyama city.

Nov 25th

Staff retreat

We held a staff retreat, although we could only arrange a day trip version of it due to staff schedules.

Dec 20th

Missionary Catherine Porter’s first CD “Lift Up Your Eyes” official release

Catherine Porter, our on-site staff and missionary, plays her harp on the newly released CD “Lift Up Your Eyes”, which is now available for purchase. The photos contained in the CD were taken by our staff Michio Nagata and the design work was by Ps Masaki Sasaki.

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