The 3.11 Iwate Church Network (hereinafter “3.11 Iwate”) is a network of churches established with the purpose of supporting churches, people and communities that were affected by the Great East Japan Disaster (The 2011 off-the-Pacific-coast-of-Tohoku Earthquake), which occurred on March 11, 2011 with the earthquake having its epicenter off the Sanriku coastline.

Activities of The 3.11 Iwate Church Network

  • 3.11 Iwate provides and shares information to help churches and other support organizations with their relief and support activities.
  • 3.11 Iwate serves as a window and provides coordination services for other people and organizations offering help.
  • 3.11 Iwate properly manages contributed donations and relief money and uses them for relief and support activities.
  • 3.11 Iwate respects the faith of each church and support organization.
  • 3.11 Iwate prays that affected churches will become churches that can provide support to their local communities.
  • 3.11 Iwate prays that, in areas without a church, churches will be established and will serve as centers of relief and support work.

Joining the Network

Any church or Christian faith-based support organization that wishes to share and/or use information via this website is welcome to join the Network, regardless of providing or receiving support. Please apply through the “Contact” page.


  • Yoshiya Kondo, Pastor, Morioka Conservative Baptist Church: Coordinator, 3.11 Iwate
  • Masaki Sasaki, Pastor, Kitakami Bible Baptist Church: Secretariat, 3.11 Iwate
  • Kazuo Wakai, Pastor, Mizusawa Bible Baptist Church: Public Relations, 3.11 Iwate
  • Fumiaki Otsuka, Pastor, Morioka Minami Church: Coordinator, 3.11 Iwate
  • Takayuki Araki, Board member, Morioka Bible Baptist Church: Treasurer, 3.11 Iwate

Site Administration

  • Masaki Sasaki
  • English translation : Maruyama Nariyuki

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