Although “The 3.11 Iwate Church Network” got going right after the Great East Japan Disaster, we only held our first face-to-face meeting with all the staff involved on 21 Jan 2012….10 months had already passed by that time since the Network was set up. Other than the core members of our Network, the staff and volunteers pictured in this photo came to Iwate and did their precious ministry work, then have moved on to their respective places of ministry to which they have been called or have returned to where they came from. Yet, our Lord continues to send worker after worker to the disaster zone in Iwate. This can only be by the blessings and the workings of an almighty God. We are in awe and are simply grateful.

The commuinities that were hurt by the disaster are still in the midst of getting back on to their two feet. Change brings different situations to the people here, and we see that there are ups and downs that come along with it, but they keep pressing on. And, so do we. We covet your prayers for the Network staff, cooperating organizations, missionaries and volunteers who walk alongside the people of the region as their Godly neighbors.

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