A New Church to be Planted in Miyako

On 16th Dec (Sun), Morioka Bible Baptist Church blessed three missionaries being sent forth to plant a new church in Miyako.

Our Network has been involved in the city of Miyako from the earliest moments the 3.11 Disaster struck the place, providing assistance to the disaster victims and in the rebuilding of communities, in partnership with a local church there.  Catherine Porter of WEC International, who has been working with the community there since 2016, and David & Tomo Robison of JEMS are the three being sent forth to build up a new church.

At Morioka Bible Baptist Church, one of the core churches of The 3.11 Iwate Church Network, the congregation had been praying and preparing for a new church plant since last year.  This year, they also officially started up a committee for this purpose.

Our Network will continue our partnership with the existing local church, while also partnering with the new church plant.  Please continue to pray for blessings upon the local community.

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