【IMPORTANT NOTICE】The 3.11 Memorial Service Has Been Cancelled

Praise the Name of the Lord.

It is with regret that we announce our decision to cancel our 9th 3.11 memorial service that had been scheduled to be held on 8th March.  This is a decision taken in response to the spreading of infections caused by the COVID 19 novel coronavirus.

This annual memorial service has been held without interruption since the disaster.  We know this decision may let those of you who were looking forward to it down. It inevitably takes away the yearly opportunity to reconfirm the mission of the Gospel and service of love entrusted to us by our Lord , to rededicate ourselves, to encourage one another and to pray with and for one another.  We are also conscious of pastors having started their preparations after we requested them to take part in this memorial service, but many who will be coming are advanced in years or are not entirely in their pink of health.  As core members, we held discussions and upon determining that the current spread of the virus does not look likely to be slowing down within the next fortnight, we made the call to cancel the memorial service.

We will nevertheless continue with our preparations to produce a newsletter that would have been shared on the day itself.  This newsletter will replace the reports from our various ministry locations, so please have a look at the newsletter when it becomes available and continue to pray for the work and the workers at each ministry location.

We pray that our Lord will protect your churches and your homes during this time.

The 3.11 Iwate Church Network

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