imageThe monsoon season, called “tsuyu” in Japan, is not over in Iwate yet. There are days when it really feels chilly. Volunteers, please be reminded to prepare well so that you don’t catch a cold.

  • We once again receive many volunteers this week: teams from Tokyo Bible Seminary, from IBF, TCU, from England, from the USA and also individuals. Please pray for the ministry this week.
  • There are several music-oriented events that will be held across our locations this week.
  • In Kamaishi, some will be walking the path that Father Nikolai of the Russian Orthodox Church took from Yamada to Kamaishi during the Meiji era and pray for the disaster stricken communities and people. Please pray for their health and their protection for this brief journey. The weather forecast is not too favorable.

*The snap is a working scene from the “Rice of Hope” Project. We split up the rice donated by professional baseball player Matt Murton of the Hanshin Tigers into smaller lots and will be distributing these at the kasetsus and in-house kastesus.

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