A network of churches and organizations supporting churches and communities in Iwate Prefecture stricken by the Great East Japan Disaster
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Sixth “3.11 Memorial”

Six full years are about to pass from the Great East Japan Disaster. As per the details below, The 3.11 Iwate Church Network will hold its 6th “3.11 Memorial”. If you are near by, do come and join us. Please also remember to pray along with us. Thank you.

Happy New Year

Happy belated new year. We look forward to staying in touch with you this year and covet your prayers. Please continue to pray for the protection of the health and ministry of our staff, the collaborating pastors and missionaries, and the many different organizations that we work together with, From our side too here in Iwate, to all of you who continue to support us, we pray our Lord will bless you and keep you. On Jan 13th (Fri), there was a special program aired on Iwate TV that focused on Catherine Porter who ministers largely in the Miyako are as a missionary working together with us. Unfortunately, the program was only available for viewing within Iwate.

Earthquake in the early hours of 22nd Nov

We want to thank all of you who continue to pray for the ministry of The 3.11 Iwate Church Network. This morning, at 5:59 a.m., there was an earthquake with its epicenter off the coast of Fukushima prefecture. Those of us in Iwate also felt the ground shake. With this, tsunami warnings were issued across the entire coastline (and in fact, tsunamis were observed). Trains stopped operating. So far, we have not received any information about any of our staff or cooperating churches, organizations having been negatively affected. All tsunami warnings issued have been lifted in the afternoon.

An update on our activity during May and prayer points

Apologies for the lack of updates during May (and for the lack of translation updates for the past two months!). But, our ministry has kept pressing on across all our locations. The work to move the community plaza structure in Yamada operated by “Ippo Ippo Iwate” is running late by around two weeks. As a result, re-opening is likely to be delayed into July. Please continue to pray for this work and that all the necessary documentation will be completed in a timely manner as well. Please also continue to pray that Ippo Ippo Iwate will be able to follow up on those who were visitors to the community plaza …

Fifth 3.11 Memorial

We apologize for the lack of updates in February so far. This post will be about the 3.11 Memorial that is coming next month. 5 years are about to pass since the Great East Japan Disaster was triggered by the powerful earthquake on March 3, 2011. We would like to encourage you to pray to our Lord for His help and comfort upon the communities of the disaster zone that are still in the midst of their road to recovery. We would also like to encourage you to pray for the churches of the disaster zone, and even as we reflect upon our path of having drawn up alongside those who suffered, let us pray for direction in our days ahead.

4th week of Jan

o, we’re in the last week of Jan. Thank you for upholding our work in our various locations across the tsunami zone and our staff in your prayers this past week. We held a Core Members’ Meeting on the 27th and discussed the coming 3.11 Memorial (the 5th anniversary from that terrible disaster) and various matters beyond April this year. Please continue to pray and support us. We will continue to line up alongside the people and the communities of the disaster zone, and to continue to help build up and plant churches. We hope to inform you about each of these things in due course.

3rd week of Jan

This winter’s gonna be warm and with less snow….whoops, the moment we thought like that a major cold front came through dumping tons of snow all over the place. The snow along the coast tends to be wet and heavy. This brought the power lines down and many experienced loss of power supply in the midst of the winter cold, giving people there a really hard time. Please remember to pray for their protection. Our Miyako area staff are back to work from this week, and with this, all our locations are now back to continuing our support ministry. Thank you for your prayers for Mrs Yoshie Takahashi. She was discharged last weekend and returned home to Kamaishi. We are also thankful Catherine Porter was able to complete her recording session for her 2nd CD production. We rejoice to hear from Ps Birkner that they held a baptism ceremony in the Iwaizumi area on the 17th of January.

2nd week of Jan

Although it’s been an unusually warm winter so far, we’re getting some serious winter weather now for a change. All of us are now back to ministry, and our activities are beginning to pick up again. This week, one of our members, Ps Wakai, provided an update on Iwate’s situation at a unified non-denominational prayer meeting held in Tokyo at Yodobashi Church on Jan 11th, to pray for the reconstruction in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Disaster.

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