Financial Statement for FY 2013
Item Amount Remarks
General income General donations ¥14,913,483 3.11 donations
Specific donations Base-specific  ¥1,428,328 Specified for use in maintenance of relief bases
Other specified donations  ¥566,331 For vehicles, etc
Sundry income ¥2,607  Interest on deposits
Income total  ¥16,910,749
Item Amount Remarks
Relief activity expenses Manpower ¥6,300,000 Support for short- and long-term staff
Relief supplies ¥406,480 Relief goods and foodstuffs
Relief donations ¥0 Donations to support local churches
Activity expenses ¥610,861 Miscellaneous
 <Activity expense total> ¥7,317,341
Administrative expenses Housing ¥3,280,712 Maintenance, rental and utilities incurred at base locations
Conference ¥251,813 3.11 Iwate Church Network meetings
Benefits ¥30,000 Staff medical expenses
Communication ¥197,698
Public relations ¥180,045 participation in report meetings, purchase and distribution of publications
Vehicle related ¥3,053,803 fuel, maintenance, insurance
Furniture and fixings ¥108,239 fixings and activity supplies for each network location
Sundry expenses ¥251,480 Miscellaneous losses
Provision for Staff Salary Fund ¥3,341,800
 <Administrative expense total> ¥10,695,590
Extraordinary income Drawdown from Staff Salary Fund ¥0
Drawdown from Specific Donations ¥20,000
Drawdown from Morioka base fund ¥656,149 for meeting miscellaneous expenditures at network locations
 <Extraordinary income total> ¥676,149
Revenue for the year ¥-426,033
Retained earnings brought forward ¥5,899,571
Unappropriated surplus at year end ¥5,473,538 Reserve carried forward

Financial year: 11 March 2013 to 10 March 2014

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