A network of churches and organizations supporting churches and communities in Iwate Prefecture stricken by the Great East Japan Disaster
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Our Main Activities by Phases
This page introduces you to our disaster relief and support activities from the immediate period following the disaster up until the present, in several different phases as our activities evolved over time. From its very inception, The 3.11 Iwate Church Network had made it its objective to contribute to the rebuilding of the region by pulling up alongside the people suffering as a result of the earthquake and tsunami disaster, adapting to their evolving situations and changes in the places where they live, while projecting that things would proceed post-disaster for these people, from living in evacuation, then on to living in temporary housing (from 2-3 months post disaster), then to a period of moving into reconstruction housing or returning to rebuilt homes (a period of 2-3 years post disaster) and then finally to a period of full-scale regional reconstruction (over a period of possibly ten years).
(post event two weeks onwards)
A period of emergency relief work immediately following the disaster
We distributed relief aid, and through fact-finding on the ground and inquiring those who suffered, got ourselves organized to do relief and support work.
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(post event three months on)
Assisting the lives of victims in evacuation centers and homes
Our activities included doing cook outs, distributing food and daily supplies, doing mud-outs, cleaning up inside homes, providing in-home relief, and making consolation visits.
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(post event one year onwards)
Assisting the lives of victims in temporary housing and rented evacuee housing
Our activities focused on improving the quality of life for those who suffered, including such things as distributing food and daily supplies, organizing cafes and ochakko events, doing carpentry work around the temporary housing units, visitations, and consolation visits.
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(post event two years plus onwards)
Providing support to those suffering as a result of the disaster, as they re-establish their lives
We continue to provide support for both material and spiritual needs, by providing needed care as the communities reorganize themselves and by contributing to the overall recovery efforts of the disaster zone.
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