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4. Reconstruction Preparatory Phase

Reconstruction Preparatory Phase
This is a period in which the survivors gradually begin their transition from living in kasetsus or rented homes to life in reconstruction housing or to rebuilding their own homes, and the areas they live in start making progress towards reconstruction. We aim to continue our support on both material and spiritual fronts, to provide care for the people as they once again reorganize their communities and to contribute to the local rebuilding efforts. As the number of reconstruction housings that have been completed is not that many, we have not really had the opportunity to engage many people who have moved into them. Despite the potential for engaging in some trial and error, we are committed to seeking out ways in which we may continue to serve the community.
Café & Ochakko
The transition to reconstruction housing will occur over a great time span. The communities and relationships that were knitted together in the kasetsus will face change, and those that remain in the kasetsus while there friends and neighbors move out will feel a great deal of loneliness and anxiety. There is no way we can forget to support those who are left in these conditions.
Relief goods
Reconstruction housing, although cheaper than the usual market rate, still requires that rent be paid. This means a sense of increased burden, because kasetsus were made available at no rent. We also foresee cases where people still cannot project when their next income will be, and this means that continued living assistance will be necessary. Continued visits to individual families means that we continue our relationship that we have had with these people throughout their time from the evacuation shelters to kasetsus.
Children’s care
Every time a family needs to move, the children are forced to adapt. We will continue to extend care for the children through children’s programs and study assistance programs so that the children do not get left out of the picture while the family is adapting to the new environment and into new neighborhood relationships.
We believe that concerts and visitations provide an opportunity for people to reunite or build new community relationships.
Supporting local activities
The erection of reconstruction housing is synonymous with the building of a new local community. Going forward, while we will continue to serve the survivors directly, we need to look into serving a wider net such as the administrative departments and the areas as a whole.

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