A network of churches and organizations supporting churches and communities in Iwate Prefecture stricken by the Great East Japan Disaster
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What you can do to help
There remains a great need. We’re certain you will find something that you can do to help. We know you can help, whether you actually go to the disaster sites or not. We believe that you can contribute in a manner that takes into consideration your unique situation.
Our work is distributed across the coastal areas of Iwate. There is no way we can cover this vast area by our own on-ste staff alone. Volunteer workers are still in demand. If you come together as a unit from a church or Christian organization, there is the added benefit of being able to share the experience and encourage one another, but we also take in single individuals as well.
Spread the news
Please help us spread news about the continuing need by sharing what you experienced from actually standing on ground zero, the inspirations and blessings that you received, the pain and suffering you encountered, with your church, with your family and with your friends. Please continue to appeal to those around you that the disaster is far from over, that the road to recovery is a long and arduous one and that prayer and support is required for each individual’s healing and recovery.
Care packages
If you are unable to come on-site, would you consider taking up sending care packages from your church or from your organization? The mobile cafe-s and ochakko sessions that we arrange at kasetsu halls always has some snacks to go along. It would be a great help if you could send us homemade confectionaries or snacks that you purchased together with your friends. And, when we make visitations to individuals, it helps open doors when we tell them that these were sent from so and so. You could also help by packaging food and everyday items, so there really is a lot of ways to help by being creative about it
Ministry report gatherings
Would you consider arranging opportunties to hear about the ongoing diaster zone relief activities in your church or organization, or even consider inviting a Core Member of our Network or on-site staff to come and talk about it? We would be most happy to come and share. By hearing messages directly from the scene, we believe this would motivate you, your church or organization to effectively grasp the need for relief and have effective prayer..
It takes about JPY 20 million a year to support our on-site staff, maintain vehicles which are crucial in carrying out our activities, and upkeep our various bases from which we operate and execute our many other activities. We seek your donations to enable us to continue our work. Making individual donations or from the church isn’t the only way. Another way might be to organize a charity event and collect support. The donations offered will be received gratefully, graciously and will be applied justly.
More than anything else, we desire to do works that will reach into the souls of the people stricken by the disaster. We aim for the regeneration of the soul, and not just the rebuilding of livelihoods, or maintaining health, or working off stress.. We seek your support in the form of frequent and fervent enabling and empowering prayer. For specific prayer points, please see the “Prayer Points”section. We will be updating these prayer points as we go along, for both the long-term as well as immediate needs.

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