Network Activities

The 3.11 Iwate Church Network is a network of churches affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck off the coast of Sanriku on March 11, 2011, and churches seeking to support the region.

    1. 3.11 Iwate will contribute to the support activities of various churches and support groups by sharing and providing information.
    2. 3.11 Iwate will serve as a window and coordinator for support activities from outside.
    3. 3.11 Iwate will properly manage your donation and support and use it for our support activities.
    4. 3.11 Iwate respects the faith of all churches and organizations.
    5. 3.11 Iwate” prays and asks that the affected churches can become supportive churches in their communities.
    6. “3.11 Iwate” hope and seek that will produce and build up the Lord’s churches in areas where there are no churches to serve as a nucleus of support.