The 10th 3.11 Meeting

DATE: March 11,2021 / 19:00-21:00(about time difference)
CAPACITY: 300 terminal
English interpreter: available(How to)

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The 9th 3.11 Meeting scheduled for last year was cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19. Although we are still in the midst of the corona disaster, we have decided to hold the 3.11 meeting online in 2021, the 10th anniversary of the disaster.


      1. Opening movie
      2. Today’s goal / Pastor Kondo
      3. Special Movie
      4. From those who were involved in the early work
        • HOKMIN
        • OMF Missionary
        • United Project
        • Michio Nagata
        • Hiroko Matsui
        • Gent Micah
      5. From overseas partners
        • EPJM / Susan
        • Harp Performance / Catherine Porter
      6. Local Report
        • Dawn Birkner
        • Kazuo Iwatsuka
        • David Robison
        • Li Sairaku
        • Ken Komiya
        • Kazuyoshi Takahashi
        • Mitsuru Saito
      7. Special Praise
      8. Prayer time
      9. Wrap Up
      10. Photo session
      11. Closing

How to Join

      1. The meeting will be held online using Zoom, so please apply in advance using the application form below.
      2. The number of participants is limited to 300.
      3. It is possible for several people to participate on one device (couples, friends, churches, etc.).
      4. We will send you the link to join later.

About Time Difference

If you are coming from outside of Japan, please be aware of the time difference.

    • London JST-9: 10:00
    • Singapore JST-1: 18:00
    • Hong Kong JST-1: 18:00
    • Seoul JST-1: 18:00 Seoul :19:00
    • Tokyo JST: 19:00
    • USA EST JST-14: 5:00
    • USA CST JST-15: 4:00
    • USA MST JST-16: 3:00
    • USA PST JST-17: 2:00

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